You learn to approach winter shoots with a certain degree of apprehension when you live in the UK. We massively lucked out on this shoot, it was a beautiful crisp morning, a sky full of interested cloud shapes and a tinge of frost on the fields.

James' father-in-law Richard was also there. Richard was the original farmer, expanding and adopting many of the modern techniques now used on the farm. We found a spot inbetween the barns by the old cow shed for a quick portrait. Lots of lovely natural light to play with.

So here's a BTS for the portrait above. You've got a pair of Profoto AcuteB2s in a Profoto XL Deep White Umbrella with a diffuser to James' right and a Profoto 2x3 Softbox to his left, slightly behind him just to give him that fringe light. There was enough spill from the brolly and softbox to pick the background up to give it all a nice bit of depth. For the shot above I brought the umbrella towards the camera slightly, just enough to fill in the left of James' face.

The sun was just rising when I arrived at James Cox's farm - despite the best efforts of a stubborn softbox we managed to get some portraits covered as the sun broke.

Recent work by Bristol photographer Adam Gasson. Images shot on Canon 5D III cameras with Profoto lighting.