Adam Gasson is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Bristol, UK

He works for a wide variety of clients photographing people and studio commissions across the UK and Europe


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Terms of Commission

Photography Brief

The photographer reserves the right to receive a brief from the client to be sent a minimum of 2 business days prior to the shoot date. Any brief supplied after the 2 business days may be subject to editing from the photographer prior to the shoot date to allow for reduced time to plan and organise the shoot.

Image Post Production (Editing)

The photographer will agree a maximum amount of post production to be carried out on the images prior to the shoot date. If the post production requirements are changed by the client after the shoot the photographer reserves the right to charge a post production fee or to use a third party retoucher or editor should the photographer not have the time to carry out the revised edit. Image requirements, such as but not limited to file naming, metadata, file size, DPI, colour space, file format, are to be supplied by the client prior to post production.

Image Delivery

Unless otherwise agreed the photographer will deliver the images electronically via the internet to the client. The client is to provide the photographer with appropriate channels with which to send the images that will not be blocked by firewalls or other in-house security measures. For any physical transmission of images (USB drive, CD or DVD for example) the photographer reserves the right to charge a fee to cover media costs. Unless otherwise agreed USB media (USB flash drives, USB hard drives for example) are to be returned to the photographer at no additional cost to the photographer.

Live Image Supply on Location

Where the client requires images to be supplied on an immediate basis, and unless otherwise agreed, it is the responsibility of the client to provide access to a stable internet connection to allow the transmission of images to the client by the photographer. The photographer cannot be held liable for technical failures with the internet connection not involving their equipment. Where the photographer has to provide their own internet connection a charge may be levied to cover these costs.


Unless agreed beforehand commissions cancelled within 1 business day prior to the shoot date are liable for a cancellation charge of up to 100% of the agreed commission fee included any expenses incurred prior to cancellation. Commissions cancelled within 2 business days prior to the shoot date are liable for a cancellation charge of up to 50% of the agreed commission fee included any expenses incurred prior to cancellation. This fee may be waived if the shoot is postponed or moved to alternative dates if agreed with both parties. Any shoot cancelled on the day of the shoot or during the shoot, and of no fault of the photographer, are liable for cancellation charges of 100% of the agreed commission fee included any expenses incurred.


Unless otherwise agreed cancellations due to Covid-19 will be treated as a cancellation set out above. On request all clients, models and peoples on set will be required to produce a negative Lateral Flow Test up to 24 hours prior to the shoot date. If testing is required by a commissioning client costs shall be met by the client.

Licencing of Images

A temporary image licence is granted to the client upon delivery of images. A full licence is only granted once payment has been made (and not from the invoice date). Until payment is made the photographer (Adam Gasson) reserves the right to recall or amend the temporary licence at any time.

Image Rights

Unless otherwise agreed the photographer retains copyright and worldwide usage rights on all images shot during a commission.

Model Release Forms

Unless agreed beforehand model release forms (or model releases) are the responsibility of the client.

Photography Permits

Unless agreed beforehand permits for location shoots are to be arranged by the client prior to shoot date. Permits arranged by the photographer (Adam Gasson) may be charged back to the client unless otherwise agreed.

Photographer Travel Costs

Unless agreed beforehand the photographer (Adam Gasson) reserves the right to charge mileage rates as set by HMRC. Any other expenses incurred as part of the shoot which include, but are not limited to, parking fees, congestion charges, may be charged back to the client. Any damage caused to the photographer's vehicle caused by, but not limited to, poor road conditions from improper briefing from the client may be liable to repair charges levied back to the client.

Social Media

Unless agreed otherwise the photographer (Adam Gasson) may use images (including behind the scenes images, set up images, candid images, out takes, overs and video clips) on social media channels for marketing purposes.

Damages & Repairs

Any damage caused by the client (or persons acting on behalf of the client) may result in some or all of the cost of repair being charged back to the client. This includes but is not limited to improper use of equipment, using equipment without training, using equipment without permission, breakages caused by negligence or lack of due care, adverse shoot conditions not detailed in the brief before the shoot.

Photo Shoot Risk Assessment

The photographer will detail any risks that are present on set or location that are caused by the photographer's equipment or working conditions. It is the client's responsibility to be aware of these risks and take active measures to avoid injury to themselves or damage to equipment. Persons working on behalf of the client but not on behalf of the photographer are the responsibility of the client and should be briefed accordingly to avoid risks and potential damage to equipment. Unless agreed with the photographer the client should not interact with the photography equipment. Any injury caused by unauthorised interaction with the photography equipment cannot be deemed the responsibility of the photographer and any damage caused by improper use of equipment may be liable to repair charges for the client.

Photography Assistants

Assistants will only be used if agreed with the client prior to the shoot date. Unless otherwise agreed the cost of assistants must be paid for by the client. Any photography assistant hired by the client can only be used if accepted by the photographer prior to the shoot date. Assistants are to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times on set. Unless agreed beforehand assistants are to treat all shoots as confidential.

Company Policies

Modern Slavery Statement

We are committed to the principles outlined in the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Due to the nature of the business we have a low risk of modern slavery in our business and supply chains. Goods and services are procured through businesses that follow similar procedures on Modern Slavery.

Health and Safety Policy

Our policy is to:

  • prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health
  • manage health and safety risks in the workplace
  • provide clear instructions and information for equipment use
  • provide PPE where applicable
  • provide and maintain safe equipment
  • complete relevant risk assessments

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Our car travel is offset by ClimatePositive. ClimatePositive offset 25% more CO2 than the highest emitting car so ensuring that our travel is offset at all times. Where possible we will seek to use lower emitting forms of transport such as rail travel, cycling, or walking.

We take great care to work in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way. All care is taken to procure supplies and equipment that are reusable and recycleable. Wherever possible waste is recycled by accredited suppliers and waste is handled appropriately to ensure a minimal risk of pollution. Where possible we advise clients to consider using post production instead of purchasing coloured paper/vinyl backgrounds. If props and backgrounds are purchased we always ensure that they can be reused.s

Information Security Policy

All care is taken to ensure that all data are stored in a secure and responsible way. Access to data is strictly limited both on and off line. Offline data are stored at secure private premises. Online data are placed on passworded secure servers with strictly limited access.


We follow all laws regarding UK GDPR as defined in the Data Protection Act 2018. At times information may be stored related to carrying out the business and wherever possible personal data is deleted when it is no longer required for the running of the business. Data is stored securely both off and online with severly restricted access to both. Data could refer to contact information, image data and email data. GDPR requests can be made using the contact email below and will be processed in accordance of UK laws.