BMW i8 for BBC Focus

I shot this lovely BMW i8 as a feature for BBC Focus magazine on green technology in cars. We had a day driving around the roads of Surrey, shooting tracking shots, studio lit details and some portraits (while dodging heavy rain showers).

The BMW i8 is a fascinating car. Using hybrid technology - an electric drive train coupled with a 1.3l petrol engine - it can keep up with similarly priced supercars while returning staggering MPG figures (during our test it was consistently above 80mpg).

BBC Focus commissioned me to photograph the car across various locations around their Berkshire HQ. We wanted a range of images, beautiful details alongside action shots that give you a sense of the speed of the coupe. The tracking shots were all taken from the back of my BMW 3 Series Touring, which has a handy feature of an opening rear window (as well as plenty of anchor points in the boot).

Recent work by Bristol photographer Adam Gasson. Images shot on Canon 5D III cameras with Profoto lighting.