RAC Magazine, Restorers

There's something about the relationship between a person and their car. For some, perhaps many, it's merely a form of transport to take them from point to point. But there are others who form a longing bond and friendship with their cars.

I was commissioned by RAC Club Magazine to photograph three people who very much fall into the latter of those two statements. Annia, Allen and Chris all share the same passion for their cars - a passion strong enough that they're willing to spend a large amount of their time and money on it. Although their passion is shared their stories are not.

Annia has known her car since she was a little girl, riding in it when it belonged to her father's best friend. Luckily the car remained close to her so when she had the chance she bought it for herself. She has the skills to carry out work herself - her day job is a mechanic in a garage specialising in classic BMWs.

Allen's collection of receipts, tax disks and magazine cuttings are nearly as impressive as his immaculate Jaguar. He bought the car from new, at a time when a large chunk of his mortgage could've been paid off instead. The car has not been without issues. During a storm neighbours wall fell onto the bonnet of the Jag, badly crushing it. Luckily Allen has a brother who is a motor engineer so the car was rebuilt - including adding a support beam under the bonnet which Jaguar neglected to include. While his beloved car has cost him thousands over the years it seems it's a good investment - he's turned down offers of £500,000 in cash in the past.

Finally is Chris, a lifelong Porsche 911 fan. He found his 1972 911 beaten up in a barn in Ireland. He bought it and promptly got it back to Oxfordshire for restoration. But restoration with a slight twist. Chris doesn't intend to restore the car to showroom, as new condition. Instead he wants to show, and be proud, of the sings of aging. Structural rust is being removed but wear and tear remains. Every mark a testament to a long history that includes summer trips from Ireland to Italy by the previous owner. Good cars age like good wine and mature as they do, at least that how I think Chris sees it.

Recent work by Bristol photographer Adam Gasson. Images shot on Canon 5D III cameras with Profoto lighting.