Wheelchair Rugby for Sport England

Open briefs can be as problamatic as rewarding for a photographer. On one hand you have a free reign to shoot in your own style, taking shots you think the client will like and work at your own pace. But there's always the chance you miss what the client wants or needs.

I was delighted when I commissioned by Sport England to cover five sports to add to their image library. The Olympic and Paralympic games had left the country on a sporting high and there was an increased demand for sports made popular at London 2012, sports that until then had had little mainstream coverage.

Wheelchair Rugby had really caught the nation's eye - a brutal combination of armoured wheelchairs and rugby which earned the nickname 'Murder Ball'. When played by elite athletes the pace is breathtaking and collisions bone crunching. Players often go through a chair a season and given the cost, around £5,000, it's an expensive sport to get into and stay involved in. Funding through bodies such as Sport England helps with these expenses and as the sport progresses it's hoped more sponsors come forward. Thankfully for me I avoided any collisions and Sport England were really happy with the shots.

Recent work by Bristol photographer Adam Gasson. Images shot on Canon 5D III cameras with Profoto lighting.